Monday, August 2, 2010

Introduction to VVans Védiké

Fellow VVans,

  • Always had an idea which you wanted but never really could share with the rest of the world?
  • Or an organization with great motives, but never really found like minded people?
  • Just started a company and need some help to get going n make it big?
  • Or have a talent which you wanted to use but never found the opportunity?

We have an answer - VVans Védiké
One of the ideas that floated around during the inception of our alumni association was a need to bring together like minded people together and to provide them, if we could, a platform to share their ideas and initiatives with other VVans.

We have a common foundation that we recognise in the form of our high school. Here, from the VVans alumni, is an effort to spread an impetus to pool in our talents and resources in working towards giving back something to our school and society by good and interesting causes or simply if any of the Alumni need help.

The essence of it all

VVans Védiké will help in giving your dreams a voice by spreading the word among the registered 800 and growing number of registered alumni and other thousands of visitors of our site. Members who find your initiative interesting can chip in volunteer time and work or other help. Also , do recognise that this is a brilliant networking arena where you will have people from various careers and walks of life and most importantly, share your common foundation. Thus, giving you the assurance that you will find people here that think as you do, appreciate values as you do and will work as you do towards ideas that click.

A few notes and disclaimers

Do kindly keep in mind that Védiké activity will be moderated and that this is not a personal classifieds page. We would like you to mail us of your ideas and requirements and we will post it in our website here.

As site moderators, we do not want to sound pompous and say that we will select or reject your ideas from your audience but it is our responsibility to keep our site content clean and pleasing to our visitors. Do remember that we are a non profit organisation.

Also, we do not necessarily endorse the ideas displayed here but are a willing voice to people in need of support to your interests and dreams.

Contact info

So friends, feel free to mail us currently at if you have any such flashes of genius that we can help realise. We hope, depending on the traffic that we get that we can set up a separate mailing address for Védiké. Currently add VVans Védiké as your subject line when you want to talk about or send your ideas and suggestions about this venture.

We will set up a discussion forum soon on our site, the facebook venture already has one so feel free to post your suggestions and comments about Védiké. Alternately you can voice your thoughts on our site by posting comments to ur announcement.

Thanking you
Dr.Ganesh Ashwath
Mr. Atul Belur

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Currently Active Posts

Post # 1. From Pramod Guttal On behalf of 'Sneha Sampada'

Posted By- Mr. Pramod Guttal
Batch of 1979 (A)
Topic: Sneha Sampada- A voluntary organisation (NGO) working towards Social Welfare.

Category: Charities
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